Science organizations

Cancer research UK

Cancer research UK focuses on funding doctors in researching and development of the cure of cancer this is done in raising money in multiple ways and using this funding they can get closer to their goal of curing cancers.


Alzheimer’s Society

This society focuses on researching drugs and treatments that can be created to lessen the effects of dementia and assisting those who already live with it in an attempt to make their lives easier. They also fund any research dedicated to dementia.

Research Autism

They are entirely funded by donations and themselves and rely on donations and focus on assisting those with autism through treatments and helping them live their lives easily.



They assist in researching and assisting other with motor neuron disease allowing them to live better lives that allows them to be happy this includes research into genetics and funding other who are researching similar topics.

fbI Lab analysis

Analysis of forensic  science ballistics and cryptology in order to understand and trace evidence of criminals and perform tests on equipment




research and development into medical treatments for all and working on assisting in health problems that may have been caused and researching epidemics that might be caused and administering treatments to those with any problems.





Science organizations

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