Unit 2 Assignment 1 Task 1

Communication in a work place

There are multiple types of communication in a work place this is specifically about Labs like the one I have described previously in my blog. Among labs ballistic based labs are quite different to others in terms of health and safety meaning communication can vary.

Some methods of communication used are Alarms these are used to warn members of the lab of specific problems that may occur such as fires and high amounts of CO2 in a closed lab while these examples are not always applicable they can be and in a ballistics lab in particular normal fire alarms would be in place.

Another method of communication is signs and labels these are used as helpful reminders and warnings to prevent any issues this is important in most labs as it allows you to know to be careful of chemicals and dangerous equipment. In a ballistic lab specifically they make sure to document and label each item that is examined due to the equipment being used  Its mainly used to identify different types of guns based on slight changes to the bullets so previous logs are needed as references, however this is pointless if the staff have not been given significant training in communication as this is important to improve their communication skills and understands others and labels and allowing them to work without surprises of gunshots

In a lab it is important if you are working with others to warn them about what you are doing as it may be dangerous and can cause issues this also means you need to log and report your findings to prevent others from doing needless tasks that may have already been completed in a concise report.

Making sure

And finally make sure appropriate measures are taken in case of an emergency such as being able to call emergency services immediately and notifying proper staff quickly to prevent any issues due to miscommunication as issues can be caused after firing a Gun.



Unit 2 Assignment 1 Task 1