Work Place Safety

Yale University chemical lab safe working practices

Be sure that your fume hood works properly

Never work in lab alone

Always wear eye protection

Wear gloves when using chemicals

Keep lab clean

Eating, Drinking and smoking are not allowed in lab

Follow approved waste disposal procedures

Keep aisles and corridor’s clear

Make sure to know locations of fire extinguishers and exits

Do not carry chemicals in glass bottles in corridors and hallways without them being in a rubber bucket or cart

Write (in indelible pen) the date on new chemicals that are brought into the laboratory

Do not look directly into lasers

Make sure laser source is blocked when changing optical equipment

Do not expose skin directly to laser emission

Keep laser height away from eye level

Do not operate laser in range of flammables or combustibles

Post warnings signs and limit access when laser is in use

Take extreme precaution when touching electrical components of laser as they can cause fate shocks

Make sure to use necessary spill kits dependant of chemical type

Make sure to alert others in the case of spill  depending in spill size place warnings

In case of a person being contaminated do what is needed to save them and yourself

If person is electrocuted make sure they are not in contact with live electric’s if they are do not touch them and turn power off immediately

In case of chemical spills on body remove contaminated clothing and flush body with water

In case of fire isolate the area that is on fire and if possible shut down equipment in said area

In case of fire make sure emergency services are contacted

In case of serious injury contact Yale health services or police depending of situation

All chemical operations should be conducted in a fume hood

Each research laboratory should have at least one “vaneometer” for the purpose of measuring the air flow

The disposal of waste chemicals is to be accomplished in the following manner to comply with the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (1976)

Make sure chemicals are stored correctly

Not more than 10 gallons of flammable liquids may be stored outside of an approved storage cabinet in laboratories except in safety cans

Not more than 25 gallons of Class I and Class II liquids combined and not more than a total of 60 gallons of combustible liquids (Class III) shall be stored outside of a storage room

Make sure all samples are labelled with contents

Volatile chemicals should be stored in a vented storage area in an unbreakable, primary or secondary container or placed in a chemically resistant tray

Vacuum pumps used in procedures should be protected from contamination with scrubbers or filters.

Analytical instruments or other laboratory equipment generating vapours and/or aerosols during their operation should be exhausted locally

Protective clothing should be worn when dealing with high toxicity chemicals




University chemical labs

Yale Laboratory accident

The death was discovered to be  “asphyxia due to neck compression,” caused due hair being caught in lab machinery resulting in her death this could have been avoided if she had not been in the lab on her own as if she were with others power could have been shut off,  also this would not of happened if she listened to the simple rule of keeping your hair tied up while in a lab

tert-butyllithium accident

When transferring tert-butyllithium in a syringe it ignited as one of its well know  properties is ignition with air contact result in in Sangji the one doing this to receive second- and third-degree burns across more than 40% of her body then she died two weeks later. Upon investigation it was discovered that she had not had any basic training that would of helped her understand the warnings on chemical bottles and how they are used meaning that her ignorance of safety procedures resulted in her death


Tsinghua University

There was a death caused by  a hydrogen tank explosion this happened when Meng Xiangjian was in the lab alone which is dangerous enough on its own, but not only was he alone in the lab but there was extremely poor safety management and due to not checking the equipment often enough this accident was caused and could have been avoided easily


Manchester university accident

A dangerous chemical leak occurred that resulted in the evacuation on the university due to how volatile the chemical was as it result in student injuries and upon investigation it was discovered that there were issues with how the chemicals were stored which resulted in this entire incident meaning  that it was caused by poor storage management that is required to be checked often meaning staff negligence resulted in this issue

Most of these cases fall under the health and safety legisaltion act of 1974
and the The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. These cases were protected by the legislations, however the people in the incidents are the main cause of the issues due to they have not followed the legislation correctly causing said incidents for example in the tert-butyllithium accident if the ligislation was followed she would of had training before hand meaning that this accident would not of happened as she would of been sufficently prepared. and in the Yale inccident  if the legislation was follwed she would of not of been using the lab on her own with such dangerous equipment active.




Yale Laboratory accident


There was an accident and the Yale chemical laboratory in the recent past and in with investigation the cause of death was found out, but the real question is who is at fault in terms with this issue.The death was discovered to be  “asphyxia due to neck compression,” caused due hair being caught in lab machinery resulting in her death this could have been avoided if she had not been in the lab on her own as if she were with others power could have been shut off,  also this would not of happened if she listened to the simple rule of keeping your hair tied up while in a lab this means that she did not follow simple lab protocol meaning that the fault does not lie with the lab legislation but with this student simply not following the rules properly resulting in her death, however fault can be put with the legislation as the rules may have not been may clear enough for a student to understand In conclusion based on the evidence of the safety procedures the student is mainly at fault as she did not realise about keeping her hair up she should have had someone else in the lab with there before going near any of the important machinery .



Work Place Safety

Unit 2 Assignment 1 Task 1

Communication in a work place

There are multiple types of communication in a work place this is specifically about Labs like the one I have described previously in my blog. Among labs ballistic based labs are quite different to others in terms of health and safety meaning communication can vary.

Some methods of communication used are Alarms these are used to warn members of the lab of specific problems that may occur such as fires and high amounts of CO2 in a closed lab while these examples are not always applicable they can be and in a ballistics lab in particular normal fire alarms would be in place.

Another method of communication is signs and labels these are used as helpful reminders and warnings to prevent any issues this is important in most labs as it allows you to know to be careful of chemicals and dangerous equipment. In a ballistic lab specifically they make sure to document and label each item that is examined due to the equipment being used  Its mainly used to identify different types of guns based on slight changes to the bullets so previous logs are needed as references, however this is pointless if the staff have not been given significant training in communication as this is important to improve their communication skills and understands others and labels and allowing them to work without surprises of gunshots

In a lab it is important if you are working with others to warn them about what you are doing as it may be dangerous and can cause issues this also means you need to log and report your findings to prevent others from doing needless tasks that may have already been completed in a concise report.

Making sure

And finally make sure appropriate measures are taken in case of an emergency such as being able to call emergency services immediately and notifying proper staff quickly to prevent any issues due to miscommunication as issues can be caused after firing a Gun.

Unit 2 Assignment 1 Task 1

Task 1 Unit 2 Assignment 2

 Forensic Science ballistics lab procedures

There is a lot of important equipment in a ballistics lab and therefore important to keep the equipment in the best condition possible  this includes maintenance and cleaning of said equipment. The staff test guns regularly either to test their safety or to identify how someone was killed and what gun was used. Due to guns bring available in the lab they need to be returned to evidence promptly after use or returned from wherever they came from as it is dangerous to leave guns around in a lab. They also use Stereo microscopes to determine basic characteristics of bullet fragments and casing’s then they compare this to similar guns by discharging an gun into a bath of water this is so they can preserve the shell making it easier to examine for comparison when using an comparison microscope they also do this with other guns to make sure it was a gun used at the crime as well this is called the water recovery method as it is a recovery method based on using water to preserve the bullet casing without it being damaged due to impact. They also have to follow regular lab procedure as in the fact they need to wear eye protection when firing weapons and sound cancelling headphones to prevent damage to ears. However this all can only be done after proper documentation  of guns and casings examined due to them being evidence in most cases



Task 1 Unit 2 Assignment 2

Science organizations

Cancer research UK

Cancer research UK focuses on funding doctors in researching and development of the cure of cancer this is done in raising money in multiple ways and using this funding they can get closer to their goal of curing cancers.


Alzheimer’s Society

This society focuses on researching drugs and treatments that can be created to lessen the effects of dementia and assisting those who already live with it in an attempt to make their lives easier. They also fund any research dedicated to dementia.

Research Autism

They are entirely funded by donations and themselves and rely on donations and focus on assisting those with autism through treatments and helping them live their lives easily.



They assist in researching and assisting other with motor neuron disease allowing them to live better lives that allows them to be happy this includes research into genetics and funding other who are researching similar topics.

fbI Lab analysis

Analysis of forensic  science ballistics and cryptology in order to understand and trace evidence of criminals and perform tests on equipment




research and development into medical treatments for all and working on assisting in health problems that may have been caused and researching epidemics that might be caused and administering treatments to those with any problems.





Science organizations